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Our HRMS solution is designed to give you the full control of your HR activities in your organizations. From personnel management to handling recruitment & training to salary management & many more- our HRMS brings you the most comprehensive tools to make the best out of your HR functionalities in one platform!  

Why you need HRMS

Without HRMS there will be no central data storage for employee data 

A lot of paper-based or different software have to be used to maintain company records 

Not having the right HRMS will hamper organizations from being effective and efficient

Request and application processing will be slow and hard to track

Employee Directory

Employee directory module used for centralizing all HR information. Manage all important information for each employee and each department. This module allows everyone in the organization to find an organization employee quickly and easily.

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Leave Management

Leave Management automates employees' request for leave from work, and supervisors use to grant or deny leaves based on an organization or HR policies.

Our Leave Management system is designed to automate the process of management of employee leaves or worker leaves, leave allocation based on employee, department or project.

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Attendance management is a critical HR function, and it is essential to plan attendance to have control over employees' time to minimize employee downtime in the organization. 

Attendance is also used to define the number of people present on a particular day and most frequently refers to employees who are paid hourly.

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Timesheet module helps to track employees working time. An employee can log his/her activities into timesheets according to his/her work done. Managers can easily track employees' activities and working time through this module.


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Payroll Management brings all the salary disbursement, bonuses, increments, and other payroll related processes on your HRMS module. 

Payroll Management is the administration of the financial record of employees' salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions, increment, etc. This covers payment management, bonus management, gratuity, PPF, and loan management.

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Provident Fund

Provident fund module allows user to manage and monitor PF fund contribution both for employee and company, manage PF board and final settlement. 

This covers everything from provident fund board management to profile creation & management to loan requests, allocation & settlement management.

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Managing employees' daily expenses has never been easier. Whether it's travel expenses, office supplies, or any other employee expenditure, access all receipts and expense submissions from your Expenses dashboard and create, validate, or refuse them in just a click.


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Performance appraisal software automates the tedious and time-consuming task of periodically evaluating employees. This brings all individual appraisals on platform, helping managers to strategize and take decisions regarding employees. 

Managers can track employees’ performance and goals throughout the year and share the results with authorized users.


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In human resource management, “recruitment” is the process of finding and hiring the best and most qualified candidate for a job opening, in a timely and cost-effective manner. It can also be defined as the “process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organization”. 

Every department of your organization can provide requisition for required personnel and manage the whole recruitment process from the filtering through the application to the final settlement of the candidates.

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The training functionalities keep track of all training courses and materials of employees of the organization. It helps managers to see the training progress of personnel assigned to them and keep track of their skills and capabilities. 

This module is for managing training and courses, training budget, training calendar etc. 

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Safety & Health Management

Safety and health management is for managing disease record and incident record for employee, record medical expenses. 

This module has features such as incident record, medical expense management and vaccine card management.


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Canteen Management

Canteen Management module allows users to manage canteen, meal, Daily meal, canteen bill etc. and generate numerous reports as per monitoring and managed information. 

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Self Service module allows employees to request a particular product through a requisition process flow, return product through a return approval process. 

Besides, there are various features such as product creation, item due summary, employee wise summary, purchase order creation & confirmation, reports are available in this module. 

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